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The mission at Think Say Move is to empower children and young adults by teaching them the communication and feeding skills they need to reach their full potential and be their best selves. At Think Say Move we treasure the conversations and insight that young children have and want to give them the skills to share it with the ones they love. We also know that even if a child’s brain is wired differently, they still have so much to offer this world. We want to help them tap into those skills and develop strategies to make them successful in whatever path they choose.


Our Services

At Think Say Move we are ASHA certified in Speech-language pathology. We specialize in motor speech disorders such as Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) as well as oral motor deficits that impact both speech production and feeding skills. However, we have experience in a variety of disorders and etiologies. See our services page for details.  

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Who is ASHA?

ASHA or the American Speech and Hearing Association is the national, professional, scientific association for speech-language pathologists, audiologists, scientists, and students. They provide resources and information to clinicians and parents alike. Please check out their website for additional information.

Tell Me More!

Follow this link to a few helpful resources that we put together. You’ll find a speech and language development checklist, feeding milestones, and other helpful tools. Keep checking back in as we will add things periodically!



Our Practice

We aim to educate our clients and families on the latest evidence-based treatments for a multitude of diagnoses and etiologies. When it comes to speech therapy we are almost always working with the brain and how it’s functioning. We want to support the child and their families to build connections within the brain to reach the child’s full potential. We understand the frustrations that can come along with communication, feeding, and executive functioning deficits. We make therapy enjoyable for the child by tailoring each treatment session to their interests and needs. By combining these we provide the best care within the Anchor Bay Area.


“The basic building block of good communications is the feeling that every human being is unique and of value.”

— Unknown

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