Check out these great resources we have put together for your use! And keep checking back, we’ll be adding and updating this page periodically.


Feeding Milestones

Are you wondering when to introduce new foods because you don't know if your child is ready? There are signs to look for and milestones they meet!


Speech and language checklist

As parents, we are always wondering if our children are where they should be developmentally. Here is a quick and easy checklist you can use to see if they are on track! Call if you have questions or concerns. Think Say Move is here to support you and your child.


Let them explore

In a world where technology has all but taken over, it’s easy to give our kids the phone or Ipad to keep them busy, but did you know that too much screen time can delay certain developmental milestones! Here are some great ideas that ditch the screen and promote healthy brain development.

Is your child stuttering?

Check out this great resource from Stuttering Therapy Resources

Parent Stuttering Handout